Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Does Your Nativity Set Have Personality?

Nativity sets are a beautiful reminder of Who the Christmas season is all about, so we asked our authors to describe their characters' or their own Nativity sets. Each Nativity is unique and original - just like our characters and our authors.

From Jerusha Agen:

Oriana Sanders from This Shadow has a favorite Nativity set. It’s not fancy at all, simply made out of colorful pipe cleaners, glue, and a cardboard box, but it’s beautiful to her because it was made by the students in her afterschool program at the inner city middle school where she taught. The kids surprised her with the handmade Nativity the Christmas Oriana had to stop teaching. The bittersweet blend of blessings and sadness in her life that Christmas are all wrapped up in that simple little Nativity scene—the picture of love come to Earth, made by little hands with love.

From Sheryl Holmes:

The Nativity set I have is fashioned by an Italian artist, with beautiful expression detail, colored in tan and gold and brown making it appear quite real.

From Fay Lamb:

Libby’s nativity set is a live one. She has hired some unemployed folks to live out the scene at her business, Happily Ever After Gardens.

From Betty Noyes:

Ceramic manger scene, complete with Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three Wise Men on camels, and the shepherds with some of their sheep—all backlit with candles.

From Julie Arduini:

Sara Bivins, the town matriarch and Ben’s recently widowed grandma, has a special set that her husband carved for her early in the marriage.

Do you have a favorite Nativity set? Share it with us!

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