Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Treasured Christmas Ornaments of Authors and Characters

I love Christmas ornaments - big and small, old or new, sentimental or silly! We asked our authors to describe some of their favorite ornaments.

From Betty Noyes: A white pearlescent ball, hand-painted with a handwritten message for peace, written in Korean characters.

Jerusha Agen: For Nye Sanders from This Dance, it’s a sparkly pair of red, high-heeled shoes—perfect for tango dancing. When tragedy made Nye reject her tango career and everything to do with her passion for dancing, Nye never wanted to see that ornament again. After God works a miracle of healing in her life, Nye digs out those red shoes the next Christmas and hangs them on the tree, cherishing everything they represent and the memories they hold.

From Fay Lamb: There is one ornament that I pull out through the years. It has fuzzy green balls encircling a photograph of my youngest son. The thread on the string is fraying, and the green balls are precariously hanging, but I look at his smiling third-grade face, and I remember that it was that year that I sat in his rooms at two different hospitals for a span of a month, and I imagined all the horrible scenarios that could present themselves as the doctor’s sought to find out what was wrong with him. When the diagnosis was finally received, and we learned that the spiking fevers that were troublesome to diagnose had actually served as a warning, and that without them, he could have died suddenly, I am reminded of God’s goodness, even when it seems as if we are walking a long valley. The picture might be that of one son, but it represents God’s goodness to our entire family.

Julie Arduini: I cherish all of mine, they are memories to me. A drive-in ornament marking our first year married. The new baby ornaments. Having ornaments each year for the kids that summed up that year. Secret sister gifts.

From Julie's novel Entrusted: Jenna’s favorite ornament isn’t quite for the tree but it’s on display just the same. The snow globe Ben gave her on behalf of the council that was misspelled as a joke and read “Spectacular Falls.”

Sheryl Holmes: The old glass ornaments that are hand painted and hung on great grandparent trees.

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