Thursday, December 4, 2014

Movie Reviews Safe for Family Viewing

Since I (Tracy) started grad school in August, seeking my MFA in Screenwriting, we've been required to watch dozens of movies and TV shows (32 movies in one class alone!) and I've been overwhelmed with the need for CLEAN films and programs. Hollywood has earned its "Holly-weird" label for a reason, and yet, family movies and programming are what viewers seem to want most. I read an article recently about a study that showed more profits were made for filmmakers of G-rated movies, so it's obviously not money they're seeking.

One of our authors, Jerusha Agen, is a screenwriter too. She owns and operates a blog called Redeemer Reviews, where she reviews movies and shares whether they're safe for family viewing. She states on her website: "With the abundance of new and old movies that are more easily accessible than ever before, discerning moviegoers can have a difficult time sifting out the bad from the good and knowing which films are worth watching.

Redeemer Reviews can help! Here, you'll find a growing collection of critical film reviews written from a Christian perspective.

Covering movies of all eras, from brand new releases to old classics, these reviews are intended to point movie viewers toward the best films, while warning of potential dangers in others.

Redeemer Reviews aims to help individuals and families get the most out of the wonderful world of movies."

What a great ministry, Jerusha!

Writing wholesome, but realistic, stories is Jerusha's gift. Her first novel, This Dance, is FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow, so snag your copy and be sure to tell your friends about it too. This Dance is the first of three in her Sisters Redeemed Series. The other two books are also available in print and Kindle: This Shadow and This Redeemer.

Jerusha is also co-author of many of our novellas, including A Ruby Christmas, A Dozen Apologies, and its sequel The Love Boat Bachelor.

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