Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fictional Christmas Memories – and a Few Real Ones Too

Fictional Christmas memories? Some of us have them, but that's not what we're talking about here. We asked our authors to share with us their characters' favorite Christmas memories. Our lone nonfiction author in this group shared her own precious memories too.

From Julie Arduini: Definitely her most recent Christmas. She went back to visit her family in Youngstown and didn’t know Ben followed her to apologize. The rest you’ll have to read!

From Betty Thomason Owens: Nancy Sanderson's favorite Christmas was in 1925, spent attending galas & parties with Robert Emerson, and Grandmother approved of her. (Amelia's Legacy)

From Elizabeth Noyes: TJ McKendrick's most memorable Christmas is her first post-wedding Christmas, spent with her spouse and surrounded by his family. (Imperfect Wings)

From Jerusha Agen: Nye Sanders’ (This Dance) first Christmas fully believing in Jesus and walking with Him is her most memorable. Even though Nye’s sister had just gone through a tragedy in her own life, the first Christmas Nye had new hope and truly understood what Christmas is all about is a memory Nye and her whole family will cherish. And given the special romantic something that happens to Nye’s sister, Oriana, on Christmas Eve, that Christmas is sure to be Oriana’s most memorable, too. (Check out This Shadow to read about that special Christmas!)

From Fay Lamb: Libby’s most memorable Christmas was the year she and her mother both received the Lord. Before that time, Christmas was a day for presents, and she soon tired of those. There had been no special meaning, but that first Christmas when she understood the significance of the holiday, that God had come to earth as a babe to become a sacrifice for her sins, she knew that all other gifts would always pale in comparison. She celebrates Christmas in her heart every day, but Christmas Day is the day when the world pauses to reflect on Christ and His gift to the world. (Libby)

From Sheryl Holmes: My most  memorable Christmas times were the long ago holidays, when all the extended family use to pile into my parents’ second floor apartment (about 40 people) and sit elbow to elbow eating lots of food and opening gifts; memory of hiding out with my cousins in the bedroom, playing candy land and jumping on the bed was always lots of fun! (Towdah)

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