Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Costly Mistake Saves You Money

Last week, I ordered books for conference. The printer shipped two orders. I don't know if I placed two orders (I don't think I did) or if they had a glitch in their system (printer's words, actually) that caused the duplicate, but I'll soon be in possession of more books than I'll sell at conference.

Since we operate on a limited budget around here, I'm going to sell the extras at a pre-conference price just for YOU!

We have limited copies of these at this price so if you want to take advantage of the sale price snag them NOW. I'll take the books off the order button when they're gone. The books will be available at this price until they're sold or next Wednesday 3/13/13, whichever comes first.

Parenting on Your Knees
by Vicki Tiede
Paperback regularly $14.99, now only $9!

Really Rare Rabbits
by Peggy Cunningham
Paperback regularly $12.99, now only $9!

A Familiar Shore
by Jennifer Fromke
Paperback regularly $14.99, now only $9!

Grandparenting Through Obstacles 
by Renee Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts
Paperback regularly $15.99, now only $9!

Jake and the Buggy Melee
by Darryl E. Green
Paperback regularly $9.99, now only $8.00!

We're also offering a Pre-Conference Bundle - get all five books for $44, and pay only $6 shipping for the entire bundle.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Celebrate Read an E-book With Us!

I've never been one to need an excuse to read a book - or cereal box or toilet paper wrapper or even instruction manuals - but in case you're not like me, I now have the perfect excuse for you - it's "Read an E-book Week"!

If you don't have an e-reader, you can snag - for FREE - a copy of Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac, OR Nook for PC or Nook for Mac. You just download the software onto your computer and then download e-books straight to your computer and read them there. You can also download the Kindle apps for your smart phones! Here's the Kindle link - just choose which option you want and get started. Barnes & Noble also offers a similar program - you can grab one of the free reader apps here.

To help you get started, we're offering some great discounts on several of our e-books. Check them out and grab a copy or two!

Grandparenting Through Obstacles: Overcoming Family Challenges to Reach Your Grandchildren for Christ
by Renee Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts


***Named 2012 Book of the Year by The Book Club Network***

***One of GRAND Magazine's Top 25 Books for Grandparents for 2012***

"Grandparenting in today's world is very different from what it was only one generation ago, ReneƩ Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts understand that fact. Numerous obstacles - from raising grandchildren to long-distance grandparenting - face many grandparents today. The authors have assembled a collage of life stories from grandparents who live where you live and who know what you're facing.

These stories will encourage you, stir you, and inspire you in your won journey. Above all, these stories will fill your grandparenting toolbox with some exciting new tools for impacting your own grandchildren and families with the reality of the Gospel."

~ Cavin T. Harper
Executive Director, Christian Grandparent Network

A Familiar Shore
by Jennifer Fromke


**Won 2nd Place in the Reader's Choice Book of the Year Award from The Book Club Network**

Meg Marks is a young lawyer raised off the coast of the Carolinas. An anonymous client hires her to arrange his will, and sends her to meet his estranged family at their lake home in northern Michigan. After a shocking discovery, she finds herself caught between his suspicious family and a deathbed promise her conscience demands that she keep. Will she sacrifice her own dreams for revenge? Or will she seek something more?

Parenting on Your Knees: Prayers and Practical Guidance for the Preschool Years
by Vicki Tiede

Exclusively on Kindle

Strap on your sense of humor and don some knee pads as you prepare to be equipped for/by Parenting on Your Knees: Prayers and Practical Guidance for the Preschool Years. Vicki Tiede provides parents of preschoolers tools and strategies for parenting and praying when sleep and alone time are at a minimum. You will find hope and encouragement to nurture and pray for your child’s character, behavior, social skills, development, and spiritual growth.

Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus
by Dianne E. Butts


Travel through time to the first Christmas and your future Christmases will never be the same.

Travel back in time and discover the original prophecies written hundreds or thousands of years, or only months or moments, before they were fulfilled. Then travel forward in time to see them fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.

Explore 35 prophecies including the Virgin Birth, the Star, the birthplace of Bethlehem, the angel’s message to the shepherds guarding the temple sheep, and Mary and Joseph presenting Jesus to the LORD at the Temple just in time to meet Simeon and Anna.

In every chapter you’ll find:

*a “Key Verse” highlighting the prophecy
*Where in the Bible the prophecy is found
*Who originally wrote it
*When it was written, including the date if possible
*The context the prophecy was written in
*a “Prophecy Fulfilled Bible Reading” to read from your own Bible
*“Apply it to Your Life” questions
*a “Final Thought”
*a suggested “Prayer”
*“For more, read” Scripture verses on related topics

Discover the prophecies that predict, prove, and proclaim Jesus the Christ.

Most of our other books are available on Kindle and Nook, too, so if you want clean, wholesome Christian books, check them out. Just look at the "Our Books" tab at the top of this page and on the Write Integrity Press website.

Thank you for reading our books and supporting our authors. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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