Friday, May 18, 2012

New Release - Towdah: A Cancer Survivor's Song of Hope

With every book we publish, I thank God for the stories and the lives of our authors. Today, I'm honored and thrilled to announce the release of Towdah: A Cancer Survivor's Song of Hope by Sheryl Holmes. Her story was life-changing for her and her family, and it will be life-changing for anyone who reads Towdah, and hears her message. I asked Sheryl to share a little about her journey as a way of introducing readers to her book.

Sheryl's book is also the first book in our Hope Series.

Towdah: A Cancer  Survivor’s Song of Hope  was never my intent; being a published author was never on the radar for my goals in life. I was a busy homeschooling mother of nine children and I had more than enough to do. Days would run into each other and I would often lose track of them, I went from one urgent need to the other and often prayed, when will this life slow down!

Like the old saying, “father knows best,” my Father did know best. My Father in heaven allowed cancer into my life. The day I found out, I was devastated; I was jumping up and down inside my heart exclaiming, “Let this not be true God!” Yet, I had cancer. Dread immobilized me. Angry, I shook my fist at God. Then weariness gave it all up; and I faced the hard question head on, “Why me?” I fell before my Father and wept, and surrendered. I endured treatment and suffered a lot. I eventually came to a place of actually thanking God for the cancer. Cancer ushered me into an intimacy with my Abba Father that I never before experienced. Holding my Father’s hand, I was able to answer why me, and many other hard questions as I persevered in this dark trial.

As my chemotherapy treatments came to an end, I found myself compelled to write. I desired to tell my story to my extended family and planned to give them a plastic bound journal booklet for a New Year’s gift this past January 2011. Writing was so easy. The words came effortlessly. This is when I knew. I knew that this was the working of the Holy Spirit. I was driven and I sometimes stayed up til three in the morning writing; and yet, I was not tired. I was bright and alert, knowing even more organically that my Father was orchestrating this work.

 As a few of my friends proofread my story, they urged me to publish, saying, “more people will want to read this besides your family.” I reluctantly investigated the self-publishing route and then searched for well-known publishing companies and I became overwhelmed and confused. I was giving up and decided I would just print a few extra copies at the local Staples and be done with it. But, God had another plan.

With more words to tell than I have space to write, God opened doors in a way that only He could have. My good friend Phee sent me the link to WIP and the posted “Call” for submissions pertaining to Hope for the Hopeless. God was on the move!

Towdah: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope was always God’s intention. He intended me to be a published author. Today, I gratefully accept this gift. Where He leads me next is a mystery to me, but I am willing and I say “yes” to His plan for my life. I hope that you are encouraged with the words of my story and that you will know in your heart that God is always there for you, especially in those dark places He allows into each of our lives.

Towdah: A Cancer Survivor's Song of Hope is available in print and digital formats. 

Be sure to check out Sheryl's blog.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Manuscript Contest - You Could Win Contract and Cash

Write Integrity Press is thrilled to announce the Books of Hope Contest. We are seeking books in series of three, and winners could receive a three-book publication contract! The series of books can be fiction or nonfiction, but must carry a message of HOPE in some form or fashion. Be creative. Give us characters we can love in the novels, and issues we can care about in the nonfiction.

One First Prize FICTION Winner will receive a $500 Cash Prize and our standard publication contract for the three-book series.

Two runners-up in fiction will receive our standard publication contract for at least one book, and perhaps all three.

One First Prize NONFICTION Winner will receive a $500 Cash Prize and our standard publication contract for the three-book series.

Two runners-up in nonfiction will receive our standard publication contract for at least one book, and perhaps all three.

There will be two rounds of judging:

1) Entries must include ALL of the following for Round One Judging by June 15, 2012. (These are just the basics - see the Nitty-Gritty details at the bottom of the post.)
  • Submit a one-page, single-spaced synopsis of the entire three-book series.
  • Submit a 100-word blurb for each book of the series.
  • Submit the first chapter of Book 1 (length should be 2500-5000 words.)
  • Entry fee of $25 paid through the Paypal link below. Be sure to write down the PayPal Transaction ID# because the Paypal Transaction ID# must be placed on the Cover Page of your entry, along with your Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website, and Series Title.

2) Finalists will be selected from these entries and notified by July 31st. In Round Two:
  • Finalists will be required to submit a completed manuscript of Book 1 by November 30th. Full manuscripts should not be submitted prior to your being notified as a finalist.
  • Instructions for submitting final manuscript will be sent with finalist notification.

Final Winners will be notified in January 2013.

Now for the Nitty-Gritty details (and these have been deal-breakers in the past, so please follow the guidelines - they're here for a reason):

  • Use Times New Roman font, size 12.
  • Use double-line spacing, except for the synopsis and blurbs.
  • Pages should have 1" margins all around.
  • Use black ink.
  • Include a header on each page (except the cover page) that includes your last name and page number in top right corner.
  • In the subject line of the e-mail entry, please indicate - BOOKS OF HOPE: Fiction or BOOKS OF HOPE: Nonfiction, so the manuscripts are routed properly.
  • Entries should be submitted in a Word document, attached to the e-mail (editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com).
  • The e-mail itself should serve as an introduction - tell us who you are and a little about you. Nothing formal, fancy, or lengthy - just let us get to know you a little.

Your attached entry should include:

  • Cover page with Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website, and Paypal Transaction  ID#.
  • One page, single-spaced synopsis of the entire three-book series. Give us the ending, don't leave us guessing.
  • One 100-word description of each of the three books (300 words total - separated under each book title.)
  • The first chapter of Book 1 (2500-5000 words in length.)

Final manuscripts should be in the 50,000-80,000 word range.

Submit your Entry Fee below:

Your Series Title
Fiction or Nonfiction?

PLEASE NOTE: We have learned that the Chrome browser does not play well with Paypal, so if you use Chrome and have problems submitting your entry free, you may want to either try another browser, or just send payment directly through Paypal, using editor [at] writeintegrity [dot] com as the recipient address. If you choose to do it that way, just make sure to put your Series Title and whether your submission is Fiction or Nonfiction in the "Notes" section when you send payment.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours of payment. (48 hours on weekends.)


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coming Soon!

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Towdah: A Cancer Survivor's Song of Hope by Sheryl Holmes. The book will be available May 19th, so stay tuned.

Towdah  is one Hebrew word for thanksgiving used in the Scriptures. (Hear the pronunciation here - just click on the little blue arrow.) This song is the author's offering of thanks given despite the suffering and difficult circumstances that she endured while dealing with cancer. 

Sheryl Holmes says, "I lift up my hands in praise to my Abba Father and I thank Him for what He has done and for what He has not even yet done, but will do, because I trust Him. It is my desire that Towdah: A Cancer Survivor’s Song of Hope will display the sparkle of God in my life and the praise that I cannot keep to myself. Read my story and be encouraged, my friend."

Hope Tour Update

Hope Tour 2012 is now underway! Be sure to check the Write Integrity Press blog to follow the Tour.

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